Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Film: Au Revoir Taipei

I picked up my third roll of 120mm film exposed on the Rollei. I also bought a DVD of Au Revoir Taipei by Arvin Chen. It is a really really good movie. I saw the screening for this movie back in San Francisco. I'd like to say this movie inspired me to come to Taipei, but really I had already laid out my plans to come to Taipei before I saw the movie. Never the less, it is was a great movie and it definitely fuels my passion for Taipei. The movie is a light hearted romanic comedy about "Kai, a lovesick young man, who wants to leave Taipei in hopes of getting to Paris to be with his girlfriend. Kai spends long nights in a bookstore studying French, where Susie, a girl who works there, begins to take an interest in him. After one extraordinary night, Kai finds the excitement and romance he was longing for are already right there in Taipei." If your interested in Taipei as I was, I suggest you go out and rent this movie. So for now, Au Revoir from Taipei ;)


  1. How is that inspirational? It's nothng but a love story right?

    ~ Javier

  2. It's filmed in Taipei. Showing a lot of locations within Taipei and night markets, including one of my most frequented markets, Shida. After living here and watching the movie again, I recognize more places now.

  3. LOL. Brian,

    I am so glad you still enjoy Taipei that much! Usually a lot of folks get cultural shock and homesick after half yr studying in a foreign country.

    Maybe Taipei can really be your new home. =)

  4. With the advantage of my ABC (American Born Chinese) background, my culture and the SF bay area being majority asian, Taiwan wasn't that much of a stretch. I really feel Taiwan was my home, and I'm just returning. I feel much happier here. Taiwan may just be my new never know ;)

  5. You can consider it a love story between two people... as well as between the director and Taipei!