Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coffin bread

Tonight I went to the Shilin night market to get some dinner and do a little jean shopping. I ended up finally trying out the Coffin Bread. I ordered the lamb. Conclusions...ehh, It's OK. Although the bread was crunchy and toasted, the meaty part tastes normal, nothing too special. It's like eating campbell's soup with toasted bread, but constructed differently. It was so mild, I didn't bother taking a picture. But after dinner, I did find a black and grey Houndstooth scarf in the night market. Just in time to protect my neck from the cold days the Taiwanese weatherman is forecasting. Houndstooth pattern for the win! Recently though, it's been hot. 18C hot. So I've been sweating walking to class. I hope we get some of that cold weather back so I can use my new scarf. Also, I'm more of a cold weather person. Thicker coat and your OK, but too hot and there's just nothing you can do but duck into an A/C'ed store.

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