Saturday, January 8, 2011

Interior design tour

Today I hung out with Yukiyo again. She had some work to do today. Her job today was to take pictures of the interior design in Q Squared mall (attached to Taipei Main Station) and Bellavita mall (near Taipei 101). So we leisurely walked around and talked and took pictures. She has to do this for her interior design work back in Japan. We ate at the Q Squared mall B3 level food court. However Q Squared still has it's share of nice fine dining restaurants on the ground floor. Afterwards we headed over to Bellavita. The Roman architecture and interior design is very elegant. We also walked around the food court and found some excellent imported Bre cheese. We got a gift along with it. We were joking that everyone should visit this place while it's still around. Due to the fact that everything is so baller expensive there, no one buys anything. How long can this keep up without any business? Apparently the back story is, this mall belongs to the richest family in Taiwan. When the daughter wanted a mall of her own with only her preferred shops, her dad bought and built Bellavita for her. So who knows, maybe they're so rich they'll just keep it running out of their own pockets. Now that super spoiled! Yukiyo said there is a new high rise mall under construction nearby and will be opening soon as well as the new W hotel. So i'll be visiting those two places in the future when they open up.

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